Quick facts about Borneo

Territorial boundaries: North: South China Sea / Northwest: South China Sea and Philippine Islands / West: Malay Peninsula / South: Java, Indonesia / East: Sulawesi, Indonesia Area: 743,330 km2 (3rd largest island in the world, largest in Asia) Most important waterways: Kapuas River, Mahakam River, Barito River, Rajang River Capitals: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) / Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) / Jakarta (Indonesia) Important cities/Population: Kuching, Sarawak … Continue reading Quick facts about Borneo

The samurai code of conduct

Japan had one of the most skilled martial art warriors of all time, which were called the Samurai. They existed in the Edo period between (1603-1867) to watch over the Shogun castles. People to this day are still fascinated by the Samurais. There are people all over the world that may visit Japan only for the history that the Samurai hold. The Samurai has a … Continue reading The samurai code of conduct

Traveling off of the beaten tracks in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, South of India

Each region of India encompasses a different experience all together: a unique journey in itself! We would like to provide some itineraries to give you some ideas, including suggestions of tourist attractions to visit, allowing you to discover the regions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, located in the southern part of India. The best time to enjoy a pleasant weather is between December and February. Day … Continue reading Traveling off of the beaten tracks in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, South of India

Quick facts about Indonesia

Territorial boundaries: North: Malaysia, Pacific Ocean; South and West: Indian Ocean; South-East: Australia; East: Papua New Guinea Area: 1 904 569 km2 Most important waterways: Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean Capital: Jakarta Important cities (main aiports): Jakarta, Yogyakarta (Java island), Denpasar (Bali island), Maumere (Flores island), Medan and Padand (Sumatra) Highest point: Puncak Jaya (5 030 meters) Lowest point: Indian Ocean (0 meter) Time zone: UTC+7 (12 hours ahead … Continue reading Quick facts about Indonesia

A few tips about the etiquette in India

A few tips to help you not to ”put your foot in your month” while traveling in India… The graceful, traditional greeting called Namaste. This is a hierarchical culture, so greet the eldest or most senior person first. Shaking hands is common, especially in the large cities among the more educated who are accustomed to dealing with westerners. / Men may shake hands with other … Continue reading A few tips about the etiquette in India

Quick facts about India

Territorial boundaries: North-East: China and Nepal; North-West: Pakistan; South: Indian Ocean (Sri Lanka); East: Bangladesh and Bay of Bengal West: Arabian Sea Area: 3 287 263 km2 Most important waterways: Indian Ocean and the Ganges River  Capital: Delhi (New Delhi)  Important cities (main aiports): Delhi (New Delhi), Mumbai (Bombay), Kolkata (Calcutta), Chennai (Madras)  Highest point: Kanchenjunga (8 598 meters) Lowest point: Sea level (0 meter) Time zone: Indian Standard Time … Continue reading Quick facts about India

Arranged Marriages, The Dowry and ‘Kitchen Accidents’ in India

Most westerners cannot fathom marrying someone they do not love or barely know, however, in India arranged marriages is not fought against no is it a source of protest among the young in India. Arranged marriages are actually encouraged and are prevalent. Many of the youth in India prefer arranged marriages since it gives them more time and ability to enjoy their youth without having to worry or struggle with relationships … Continue reading Arranged Marriages, The Dowry and ‘Kitchen Accidents’ in India

Ori I Tahiti

Dance has always been a big part of polynesian culture. It has become a second nature to the population, once you learn how to walk they teach you how to dance. The reason why it is so important is because it reveals many ancient stories about history and religion without saying any words. It allows them to pass down their to stories from generation to … Continue reading Ori I Tahiti