Australia, there’s nothing like Australia

    Territorial boundaries: North – Papua New Guinea, Indonesia Timor sea and the Arafura Sea, East – New Zealand, Coral Sea and Caledonia, South- Antarctica, West – the Indian Ocean Most important waterways: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Cairns Area: Australis is the sixth largest country with an area of 7.6 million km2 Capital: Canberra Important cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, … Continue reading Australia, there’s nothing like Australia

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an exotic, beautiful and unspoilt tourist destination boasting with a lively and colourful culture, dating back thousands of years ago. Located in the South East Pacific region, sitting just under the equator and above Australia, PNG is an interesting and adventurous destination offering a variety of tourist activities. With its long coastline of water accompanied by over 600 islands, the country … Continue reading Papua New Guinea

Ori I Tahiti

Dance has always been a big part of polynesian culture. It has become a second nature to the population, once you learn how to walk they teach you how to dance. The reason why it is so important is because it reveals many ancient stories about history and religion without saying any words. It allows them to pass down their to stories from generation to … Continue reading Ori I Tahiti