Greetings reader!

As LaSalle College students of travel and tourism, we are impassioned by the diverse cultures that make up this world and are dedicated to learning as much as we can from them. Now, as we enter our final year of study, we turn our academic focus to the regions of Asia and the South Pacific.

In an attempt to gain a deeper appreciation for the content of this course, we have decided to share some of what we will be learning here with you, in blog form. Our objective is to diverge slightly from the traditional, “familiar” aspects of the various cultures, and to delve into an alternative side of the Asian experience. As we explore the environmental, social, historical, technological and political landscape of the area, we hope to paint a picture of not only yesterday’s Asia, but today and tomorrow’s Asia.

If your curiosity has been piqued and you go on to read something that enlightens or intrigues you, we have accomplished what we set out to.

We hope that you enjoy reading about our discoveries as much as we enjoyed writing them!

The LaSalle College Tourism Class of 2016


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