Visiting Hiroshima

Hiroshima is a coastal city known for its industrial prosperity, excellent cuisine and exciting nightlife. Yet despite its modern image it will always be known for its grim past, the first victim of the atomic bomb. On the 6th of August, 1945 the city of Hiroshima and a large portion of its people were obliterated by the destructive power of the American super weapon. Now only a few building remain that survived the initial blast the rest can be experienced in the Peace Memorial Park. Where you can find yet another sorrowful tale about the children’s hospital, linked to the children’s hospital and particularly the story of a single girl are the heart-warming origami cranes which can be found draped over one of the memorials. There are plenty of other places to visit around the city but more so outside of it.

For those of you who may not have studied the Second World War here is a bit more information that concerns the city and the people of Hiroshima. 1945 marks the year the Second World War ended both in Europe and in the Pacific. On the 6th of August Japan experienced the destructive capabilities of the newly developed super weapon known as the Atomic Bomb; this was only the beginning since a second one was dropped on the city of Nagasaki several days later. The bomb dropped by the Americans above the city annihilating approximately 75% of the city and claiming around 140 thousand lives, some people where lucky enough to be killed instantly others suffered slow deaths caused by the initial radiation burn and the other negative effect it has on their health. To help you understand some people died within days of the explosion others months. The memorial museum shows you the other side of the story and the horrors the city and its surviving residents had to go through.


On another, more positive note, Miyajima island is a must see when visiting Hiroshima, located less than an hour outside the city and is very easy to reach by train and then ferry. The picturesque view of the Itsukushima shrine and its Torii gate floating in the water attracts tourists from all over the globe and is the island’s main attraction. Although, there is more to see and experience such as Mount Misen and the many walking trails that take you through the peaceful nature around the island, as well as the quaint village at the entrance to the island.

When visiting Hiroshima you have to keep in mind that even though the city itself has a few attractions, you can also find many other worthwhile attractions outside of it.

(Quentin Hamelet)


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