What Goes Up Must Come Down

Mount Everest; the universally invoked symbol of personal endurance, strength of will and tenacity, and testament to human courage.  For generations, the world’s best climbers have risked life and limb to scale this stone behemoth in an attempt to prove Man’s mastery over nature and death itself.  Inspiring, no?

Well unfortunately, this human “victory” comes at a serious environmental cost; pollution!

To read more about the garbage crisis on Everest, please click on the link below:


(Miriam Emmrys)

3 thoughts on “What Goes Up Must Come Down

  1. Makes me want to buy a giant vacuum!
    It is unbelievable that I have always heard about Mount Everest and its wonders but I have never heard of the tragic side. This definitely needs to be more popular.
    (Nikki James)


  2. It’s sad to see something that was once so beautiful and isolated from society be reduced to a human garbage can.
    Mount Everest is known by many for its natural beauty, a place that not many people have been to. Yet people are treating it with no respect, it wouldn’t surprise me that if in a few years, it will no longer be accessible.
    (Maria Langill)


  3. It is indeed a very sad reality to see what mankind is doing to our planet!
    As if deforestation, over fishing, now pollution on Everest, and everything else that involves us destroying the only home we have isn’t enough!
    I wonder when will all this nonsense will stop! Hopefully before it is too late!
    As for the pollution created by man on Everest, I sincerely hope they are planning on some high tech cleansing to clean up their messes!
    (Sarah Favreau)


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