The Sumo


If the sumo wrestlers drawing power sometimes perplexing Westerners, just look at the frenzy of the girls in the place of these heavyweights Sport in Japan to understand the full magnitude of the phenomenon. Sumo wrestlers are somehow demigods in Japan and even today their reputation is flawless. It seems that the evidence of the existence of sumo back centuries but written not recount the exploits in the Kojiki, a work written in 712. Today, battle the rules are rather benign but it was a time when sumo fought to the death. Fortunately, the tradition preserved only the symbolic representation of this war, which, originally, was part as a fertility rite.

The sumo wrestler meets a rigid training to which it subjects each day. Eating two meals per 24-hour period (chankonabe, which is a stew of meat, vegetables, starchy linked by a creamy sauce and thus containing a very high protein), one around noon, the other to twenty hours, sumo sleep immediately after meals for a nap allows more easily fat accumulation. In general, engulfing sumo between 8000 and 10 000 calories daily. The entire life of a sumo wrestler is governed by rigorous and well-defined hierarchy codes that make them coveted and adored hero. Strange fact, during the fighting, sumo engage in a preparation ritual (between 4 to 10 minutes) much longer than the fight itself (sometimes only a few seconds). A series of positions and ceremonial gestures are intended to impress the enemy, the murderous glance slamming legs through various manifestations of physical force wrestler. The viewer then attends a true ballet where manhood is at its height. Sumo wrestling is considered a national art (Kokugi) and is respected throughout Japan.

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