2 favorite tourist attractions



Not to be missed, even if some people might think that this white temple is somewhat “kitsch”, the Wat Rongkhun in Chiang Rai been designed by the charismatic artist Chalermchai Khositpipa. A beautiful set of white lace and mirror pieces, surrounded by huge pond populated with Japanese carps. Around the temple, hands emerge from the hell. The interior murals are painted with humor, also discussing the modern world, preventing the passage to nirvana or well-being. The works of the artist have influences opposite each other.

To learn more about the artist and his influences, please click on the follwing link: http://www.rama9art.org/chalermchai/


Well expected discovery of the Black Temples from the artist Thawan Duchanee. You will never see anything like it somewhere else! The sculptures, made of teak wood and by the artist and his artisans are very exceptional. His art has earned him international fame but also many controversies in his country, as his relationship with the death is rather special. Among his personal collections, sometimes very raw, it contains among other huge chairs with buffalo horns, crocodile skin rug, snakes, tigers, bears and cows, turtle shells, shark and crocodiles jaws, buffalo skulls and huge shells, etc,..

Superb private rooms decorated with Burmese golden Buddhas, Chinese aristocrats antique furniture and silver tableware. A true small fortune!

To learn more about the artist and his influences, please click on the follwing link: http://www.thawan-duchanee.com/index-eng.htm


A lifetime experience!


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