Quiz – Let’s test your knowledge about Asia!

  1. Name the 5 seas that surround Asia:
  2. Name 2 of the most popular destinations in South-east Asia:
  3. Which mountainous country is the best for trekking?
  4. I am a British colony that returned to Chinese control in 1997:
  5. The South aided by the United States battled the communist North ending in 1975. A Communist government took control. Now a popular destination, name this country?
  6. Know as the “Land of the rising sun”:
  7. I was kept under house arrest for many years I am now Chairperson and General Secretary of the National League for Democracy. My country is currently under military dictatorship, who am I?
  8. I am a river crossing 7 countries in Asia:
  9. All Hindu’s aspire to end their days as ashes sprinkled into my waters. From my source in Gaumuck to Varanasi, who am I?
  10. Where can we discover one of the Wonders of Asia?
  11. Which country, covering the same size distance across as Canada, is known for its volcanoes?
  12. I am one of the best places in Asia for diving and also for windsurfing:
  13. I am the most populated country in the world and one of the world’s super powers. My wall can be seen from space:
  14. Where can we find Steppes, enjoy amazing great spaces and meet nomadic people?
  15. I am of the tip of Malaysia and one of the best places for shopping?
  16. We find orangutans on this island, belonging to Malaysia and Indonesia:
  17. My country is politically separated into two sovereign countries:
  18. I charge between a 200-250$us daily tourist taxes to my visitors as I want to control tourism:
  19. Known for its tea plantation, a civil war occupied the north of my island for 30 years:


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